Meditation Techniques To Boost Your Immune System


Meditation is an ancient technique which is practiced by many people all around the world. This technique dates back 7,000 years and it is an excellent way of increasing calmness and achieving physical relaxation in order to help cope with illnesses, improve psychological balance as well as improve the overall health.

Meditation is not practiced only in Buddhism, it is also common among Christians, Judaists and Muslims according to Psychology today. The thing about meditation that unites people from different cultures is the human propensity to contemplate life and the universe.

Meditation reminds us that we are not so different from each other regardless of our religions, faiths and beliefs.

Scientists recently began studying the health benefits that meditation provides. This technique is an excellent way for reducing high blood pressure, relieving depression and insomnia, fighting the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and many more.

Deepak Chopra, a pioneer of integrative medicine, recommends meditating twice a day, once in the morning and then in the evening. He also added that this way you can protect yourself from diseases very efficiently. However, meditation is a practice that works only if practiced regularly and it should not be considered a one-time solution but a lifestyle choice. These reasons are more than enough to convince you to start meditating today.


In case you know nothing about meditation, then guided meditation is the right for you. Guided meditation provides visual explanation and it teaches you how to boost your body’s natural defenses. Try to set an hour every day and find a quiet corner in your home where you can start your journey to better health and wellness. If you are too busy to spend an hour meditating, there is also a 5-minute meditation technique which can provide excellent results.

5-Minute Guided Mediation:

1-Hour Guided Mediation: