5 Signs That You’re Not Fat, just bloated And How To Fix It!


In case your clothes are becoming tighter and tighter, instead of going shopping for new ones check if there is something more to it. If you also feel there is something wrong with your overall health, there is a chance you have not gained fat, but you are actually bloated.

Read the following 5 signs to find out whether you are bloated and how to fix it

You are not drinking enough water

Crash diet is a method of losing weight which makes the body starve and hold on to the fat. Similar to this, when the body is dehydrated it starts to retain fluid. You may think that the best way to stop the body to retain water is to drink less; however, the truth is the exact opposite. You should hydrate your body well enough and also avoid carbonated drinks in order to solve the problem of fluid retention.

You have gluten intolerance

Even though the number of people who have gluten allergy is very small, the number of those with gluten intolerance is much larger. If eating foods such as bread, pasta or cereal makes you feel bloated the reason may be gluten intolerance. The gluten intolerance causes gas buildup that leads to discomfort and extreme bloating.


To find out whether you are intolerant avoid eating foods with gluten for about 30 days. This way you will know if this is the reason for your bloating.

You are stressed out

Another reason for bloating is constant stress. Many hormonal changes happen when the body is stressed out that can also affect digestion.

To eliminate bloating caused by stress try practicing deep breathing meditate regularly. This way your digestive system will get back on track.

You are constipated

Irregular bowel movements also cause bloating. Constipation is a sign that you are not eating enough foods rich in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetable. However, to avoid making the situation worse add these foods in your diet gradually.

You scarf down your food

Eating quickly without chewing the food properly, as well as drinking liquids through a straw can cause gas formation in the intestines which leads to bloating.

Always remember that no matter how hungry you are you must chew slowly and thoroughly. Also avoid using a straw for your drinks.