In color psychology, being drawn to the color black – particularly in clothing – indicates a desire to reclaim your power. Wearing all black is often a subconscious message to yourself and other people, whether it’s by trying to “shield” from particular emotions, communicate a need to be respected, or create distance from others.

Colors stimulate the human brain in different ways, and the way you respond to particular colors says a lot about who you are.

If you wear all black, you’re probably slightly neurotic, highly emotional, and have a desire to deflect what you look like in favor of who you are and what you want to achieve in life.

You may also subconsciously try to protect yourself from feelings you believe you cannot control. You’re often easily over-stimulated, and may have a hard time warding off anxiety and staying focused on your everyday tasks. Wearing all black creates a sense of “togetherness” and certainty.

Here Is Why Nobody Should Mess with a Woman That Wears All Black:

– If you are a woman that wears all black, you probably care more about what you do than what you look like

If you are a woman who wears all black, you probably care more about what you do than what you look like.

– You’re true to yourself

You don’t act with the intention of winning over anyone else’s praises, you would rather be true to yourself. 

– You aren’t afraid to edit your life

Outfits, relationships, jobs, or friends – in case something is not working, you think life is too short to hold onto anything mediocre.

 You’re a terrifying combination of intimidating and elegant

You’re a terrifying combination of intimidating and elegant whenever you wear all black. You’re also a graceful woman that’s in equal parts an unstoppable, raging badass.

– You’re straightforward

In case someone asks for your opinion, they’ll get it.

– You’re a deep thinker

You’re a deep thinker, which’s why you prefer simplicity in other areas in your life.

– You care more about being yourself than buying into trends

You see each aspect of your life as a potential avenue of self-expression, and you don’t “follow the crowd” on anything.

 – You value self-empowerment above anything else

You aren’t the kind of person others want to complain to, your response will just be an example of how they could take back control of their lives.

– You don’t need anyone else’s approval

You’re unassuming. You don’t need anyone else’s approval, but you’ll make sure people recognize what you do and what type of influence you have on them.

– You’re more confident, attractive and successful

You’re powerful, simple, and plain. You also command respect from others.

– You lead a very colorful life

You’re hard-working and lead a very colorful life.