Every Couple Should Do These Things For Their Relationship To Last Long


Even though there are exceptions for every rule, humans by nature are social beings. Sometimes we want to have alone time, but we can’t function if we don’t interact with other people. We need someone to share our feelings with, someone who will give meaning to our life. However, most relationships nowadays start fast and end without a reason or just fade away.

That harms both individuals involved, and leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Relationships are beautiful, for they help us matures as human beings. It makes us responsible, and maintaining a relationship has impacts on our professional lives too. They need to be nurtured, for the rewards are aplenty. Sadly, people don’t invest much time into something that could potentially build their life. Here are some of the ways through which a relationship can grow from a sapling, to a huge tree.

1.Making sure the other knows how beautiful they are.

An important aspect of relationship is attraction for one another. This attraction shouldn’t die down once you are in a relationship. Frequently complement each other, so that the spark in your relationship doesn’t die down. Commenting on how jaw-droppingly beautiful they look, is sure to be rewarded with a smile, and a memorable night in the bedroom, followed with the L-word. What could be better!

2.Being freaks.

Couples, who trust each other, should do stuff together, that other people would consider absurd. As their love for each other hasn’t replaced the friendship they both share, but merely added to it, the humor and the joyful elation in their life, due to the presence of the other would always remain, and being together wouldn’t remain a bore. Sex is always on the top of the list. Sexual intimacy, always, leads to increased emotional connection. While it may strictly be a physical act, the impacts are long lasting. If someone is that comfortable showing their body to you, then you must mean something to them. Have sex regularly, twice a day if possible, and leave the bedroom only to eat food (off each other!) This would ensure that your relationship doesn’t become your job, and you, an unwilling worker.

3.Hit on your partner after you are dating.

Relationship experts claim that hitting on your partner, or making passes, even after you are dating, makes up for some fun time. Just because you are dating shouldn’t, in any way, mean that you don’t have to flirt with them. Make them feel beautiful, wanted, for they will make you feel the same.

4.Talk about sex.

Just doing it isn’t enough; talk about it. Tell them what you would like to them in the bedroom, and how. Ask them what they would do to you. Send pictures, especially when they are away. Get them aroused. The intensity and the passion that it brings would lighten up your sex life, and your relationship.

5.Fence with your partner’s tongue.

Kissing. Use your tongue as your sword and duel with them. Kiss them whenever you get a chance. Kiss them at the movies. Kiss them while cooking. Kiss them while they are sitting. Kiss them before sleeping. Kiss them when waking up. Also, make sure that your kiss turns into an outlet through which your emotions seep through. It should be a better alternative than talking. Kiss them as much as you can. There is nothing as ‘too much kissing’.

6.Sleep with them.

Sleep with them in their bed. Not sex, just hold them close to your chest, let them hear your heartbeat, snuggle them up, wrap them in your body, cuddle them. On a rainy day, sit by the window with a steaming cup of cocoa, and cuddle on a couch. The serenity and the simplicity of the action would enhance the love. Also, who doesn’t want an extremely cushiony body to lay their heads on?

Do everything it takes to maintain a relationship. For, a meaningful relationship happens only once. Make it count.