1 week of bun hairstyles


Criss Cross Twists into a Bun
Step 1: Make side part on the right of the head
Don’t make it too far back. Then part down to the ear. Repeat on the left side as well.

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (1)Step 2: Make a ponytail
Take the remaining hair in back and pull into a ponytail that is low at the nape of the neck.

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (2)

Step 3: Part out hair and twist
On the right side divide the hair in front in half. Take the top section and twist it bringing it back toward the ponytail. Temporarily secure it with a bobby pin by the base of the ponytail.

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (3)Step 4: Make a 2nd twist
Take the lower portion of hair and twist it back over the ponytail. Your 2 twists will make an X. Secure it also with a bobby pin on the left side of the ponytail.
This is how I temporarily held the twists in place:
Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the right side of the head

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (5)** Note – I wanted to see how it’d look if I put the top twist over the bottom twist this time — so the sides are actually different. ** I recommend doing them the same on each side – I just wanted to experiment! **

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (7)Step 6: Secure all 4 twists & remove bobby pins
Take another rubber band and secure the twists to the base of your ponytail. Be sure not to remove the bobby pins until you’ve got them secured with that rubber band!
Step 7: Make a rope braid with your ponytail

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (8)** The gal I saw had simply wrapped her hair into a bun with no twist or braid. ** My girls’ hair doesn’t stay put very well in that type of a bun so we did a rope braid.
Step 8: To finish – make a bun and secure with bobby pins

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (9)To ensure you don’t loose the X from your twists, I recommend putting a bobby pin under the top twist (as shown below) and into the bun and then it won’t sag.
Here’s all your views of this pretty & oh so simple style!

Criss Cross Twists into a Bun (10)

Thinking back on the lady I saw – her twists came even lower into the bun and more down behind her ears along her hairline. I’m going to attempt that soon & if I get it even closer to hers, I’ll let you know!