How to Lose Belly Fat and Relieve Constipation During Your Sleep


There are various factors why people are obese or overweight. One of the main factors that contribute to this health issue is an unhealthy diet and overeating.

Having a healthy and fit body requires regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits. The irony is, it’s easy to get fat than losing weight.

Healthy living promotes a healthy body shape, bud did you know that during sleep, it is possible for your body to burn fats? But it all depends on the food that you consume daily.

The recipe below will provide you a mixture of natural and healthy ingredients that can help you lose those excess fats in your abdomen area, lose weight and can also prevent constipation. This recipe is believe to help in burning body fat even while you sleep.

Ginger Recipe for Weight Loss:



1 freshly squeezed lemon
1 teaspoon organic ginger
1 teaspoon organic cinnamon
Pinch of organic parsley

1. Prepare this mixture 1 hour before going to sleep.
2. Mix all the ingredients.
3. Consume immediately.

Other Ways to Lose Weight Effectively with Ginger:

1. Include ginger in your dishes to speed up the process of weight loss.
2. Drink ginger tea at least twice a day. This will improve your digestion to fight obesity.
3. Chew a slice of ginger before eating your meals. If you do not like the taste of this method, then you can grate the ginger and then add some salt and lemon. This will make you full and decrease your appetite.