The Amazing Shampoo That Makes Hair Grow Again and Cause Jealousy in Others! Incredible Volume and Shine!


Women consider their hair a very important part of their appearance. In order to make our hair look better we damage it every day with the use of chemicals, straightening, curling or coloring it etc. Over time the hair becomes dull and so damaged and split ends start to appear.

However, we have the best recipe for a natural shampoo that will restore the health, shine and volume of your hair in a very short period of time. After only a month of using this shampoo your hair will look better than ever.

This shampoo is great for the hair since it has healthy items inside. The items are medicinal too, so this has no other things but benefits for the hair.

1. Nettle

The best herb for the scalp and hair. It makes better blood flow and speeds up hair growth.

2. Castor oil

Amazing oil with vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. It makes healthy growth in hair and it kills bacteria, fungi, stops dandruff and bacteria on the scalp.


3. Panthenol

It has pantothenic acid or B5 vitamin for healthy scalp and regeneration of hair.


– 750 ml nettle shampoo, plain
– Vitamin B, 2 pills
– 30 ml aqua solution AD drops
– 50 ml castor oil
– 100 ml aqua panthenol solution
– 30 ml nettle drops


Get a 1-liter bottle. Mix all items and put this mix in the bottle. To blend them nice, shake them well.


Shake the bottle before use. Apply on the scalp and massage, but gently. Let this act for a few minutes and wash it.

If you prefer, apply a dry mask after this, but this is optional. The shampoo is already healthy and nutritious for the hair since it has nettle, castor, AD and more.
Also, drink nettle tea to make better blood count and hormonal levels, since these make the hair loss.