The body language which can reveal if a guy loves you


Very often even a slight change in your partner’s behavior can tell you a lot. The same goes with the gestures. Of course in the beginning of your relationship you are still shy and unconfident. That is only normal. But there are some things that can tell you a lot about what is going on between the two of you.

Looking someone straight in the eye may be challenging at times, unless this is the way you would like to show your affection to someone. So, if you notice that he is literally trying to look you in the eye all the time, rest assured he likes you.

If you like someone it is only natural that you would like to be closer to them, it does not matter if it is a regular stroll in the part or a dinner out. If you notice that he is leaning towards you, that is the signal that he likes you. Hurray!

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You would agree that touching someone or something you do not like is the worst feeling in the world. But if that is something or someone you like it will feel quite on the contrary. Even a slightest touch becomes important when people fall for each other.

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More often you are trying to get closer to a person means only that your feelings are getting stronger. Yet, while paying attention to all the positive meaning our gestures have. Like it or not but the negative one is also present.

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Something as simple and as insignificant as not paying attention to what you are talking about may trigger that alarm feeling in you. especially if that is accompanied with some answers out of place or being constantly busy with something else.

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But before you start suggesting the worst case scenario you should consider the fact of a breach in your relationship not a complete wrack.

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The thing is that even if the ship is leaking it can always be mended, if that is what you want of course.

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