We assure you that you will appreciate having followed our advice.

After a delicious meal that we have satiated until we can not, digestive problems may arise. One of the most frequent problems that usually arise is inflammation of your stomach.

It is good that we know that some foods promote the production of gases, which worsens the situation. Foods such as green leaves, legumes, flours, and sugary or gas drinks are some of them.

Since this is often a very frequent problem, it is not uncommon that you have heard about it before. Moreover, it is likely that you yourself felt your stomach inflamed at some point in your life. When you talked about it with some of your colleagues, I’m sure they recommended a pill.

However, today we want to bring you a very effective natural solution. With this home remedy you can treat the inflammation in your stomach without the need of pills or medicines. The best thing is that you will not feel the rebound effect, so you will get lasting results. This remedy is prepared based on papaya or milky.

Causes of an inflamed stomach
If you notice that your stomach is swelling very often, it is probably due to your diet. In that case, we encourage you to choose healthier foods that do not cause inflammation. This means that the foods mentioned above must be taken out of your diet.

On the other hand, you should not confuse inflammation in the stomach with overweight or accumulated fat. In many cases, they are only gases accumulated in our belly and intestine. The following could be some of its causes.

– Constipation : among the most common causes of an inflamed stomach, we must highlight constipation. This happens when the intestines can not work normally, which gives us a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, discomfort in the lower abdomen and even irritation.

– Dyspepsia: dyspepsia is nothing more than a digestive disorder caused by genetic problems or bacteria that are found in the stomach. A lot of the world’s population suffers from this evil. It causes gas, nausea, pains in the stomach and a feeling of heaviness.

– Intolerance to food: we may not pay much attention to it, but it is possible that certain foods do not suit our body. One way in which he shows his rejection of them is through abdominal distension and pain in the stomach. That is why it is very necessary to pay attention to what we eat.

After knowing some of the possible causes of stomach distention, you may wonder how to fight it? Well then, we will leave you a series of instructions that will help you to do it.

What we will need:

  • Papaya or milky chopped (140 grams)
  • Aloe vera gel (15 grams)
  • Green tea (10 grams)
  • Water (200 ml)

Preparation and use:

Preparing this delicious beverage is much simpler than you could have imagined. To begin with, we must prepare a basic infusion of water and green tea. When it is ready, we will let it rest for 20 minutes.

Exhausted this time, we will liquefy this substance together with papaya and aloe vera gel. With that, our powerful natural beverage to eliminate stomach inflammation is ready.

We should take this delicious drink immediately after having prepared it. You will notice that almost instantly you will feel much better. But to have better effects, remember to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Do not forget that there are certain foods that you must eliminate from your diet.

Now that you know that having an inflamed stomach is not always synonymous with fat, you will know how to act. If it is an abdominal distension, do not hesitate a second to prepare this drink. We assure you that you will appreciate having followed our advice. For your friends to also take advantage of it, share this information on your social networks.