What an unforgettable sight.

When thinking of what a peacock looks like, most people conjure up images of a regal royal blue and green bird with elaborate plumage that pops open in a superb looking fan. The male peafowl is called the peacock and has the visually impressive feathers while the female does not resemble the male’s gloriousness and is instead called a peahen.

But what people do not know is that there is such a magical creature loosely referred to as the albino peacock. Technically, this all white peacock is a genetic variant of the Indian Blue Peafowl, which has the stunning iridescent blue and green plumage that’s mostly metallic looking.

There also is a peacock with green and bronze body features. The tail, also known as a train, is used in their courtship rituals.

The peafowl with white plumage are actually quite rare. So it was quite a find when one person stumbled upon such a mystical creature flitting around a brick paved patio area in town.

The national bird of India happens to be the peacock and the bird showcased in the video below is strutting his stuff for everyone to see. The all white peacock put on quite the display for people watching.

He pops open his dazzling tail features and wows everyone watching. Then the peacock makes that traditional shrill, ear-piercing sound this bird is known for while staunching walking around the outdoor area.

It flaps its feathers and at one point, walks awfully close to the person recording. This gorgeous creature has been seen more than two million times in the video below.

People marvel over this animal that has enraptured video viewers around the world. Some even thing it resembles Plumette from Beauty and the Beast.

See for yourself how amazing this bird is. It’s quite the splendid creature!