Find out what the shape of your toes tell about your personality


You might be very surprised to learn that foot and toe shape can tell you something about personality. While everyone has toes, we don’t usually think about what different toe and foot shapes might actually mean. In fact, taking a time to compare foot and toe shape to your own or others you’ve seen may not be something you’ve done or have only done rarely. However, people might take a second look at toes after finding out they may reveal a person’s personality.

So the next time you’re gazing at your pretty feet, think of these points…



You are creative, bright and always thinking in a new way. Sometimes you may have difficulty focusing like others, but it’s just because your mind is filled with so many interesting ideas and thoughts!



You are a born leader and a great CEO. Others think you’re a dynamic and exciting person, even when you’re acting dull. You are very talented. Many people depend on you without you knowing.


You are very hard to work with and are very immersive in all the ways you value. But in fact you are a very mature person who has a very relaxed personality and attitude and always appreciates important things in life.


You are a good counselor who will listen to your friends’ personal problems and the concerns of their loved ones. You believe that people are more important than money, status, or material things. All forms of love, especially romantic love, are very important to you!


You are adventurous, charming, and have a mind to value everything. Your eyes focus on the good things of the world rather than on evil. You always try do whats best for the people around you and you are a great person.