10 Shocking Pictures of Instagram Models Before Plastic Surgery


While scrolling through Instagram you’re bound to come across a few of the most beautiful women in the world. Their perfect faces and amazing bodies attract millions of followers to their pages, but many of these online models are anything but natural. Here are a few shocking pictures of Instagram models before plastic surgery.

Australian makeup artist Brookelle McKenzie is the epitome of beauty and glamour. Her face is practically a work of art, with perfectly symmetrical features and a toned and fit body. But when these before pictures of the Instagram star resurfaced online, we were completely shocked! Prior to becoming a glam makeup guru, Brookelle was a scene kid with dark, choppy hair and an adorable round and full face. Looking at her before and after photos is like night and day.

Looking at this photo you would never guess that this is a picture of Khloe Terae before plastic surgery. The Instagram model-turned-Playboy Playmate has definitely had a nose job, a boob job and facial reconstruction to give her the chiseled and sexy look she has today. She was beautiful before she had all the work done, but her cosmetic enhancements have definitely helped to attract over a million followers to her Instagram page.


Chantel Zanes is a Los Angeles-based fitness model with a body to die for. But just like all the other women on our list, Chantel’s curves and flawless physique appear to be the work of a very skilled plastic surgeon. Prior to dominating Instagram and gaining over 5 million followers, Chantel posted some pre-surgery photos during the MySpace era, and it’s pretty crazy to see how much she’s changed. Her new body has launched her social media career, and Chantel is raking in millions of dollars by selling her own merchandise and promoting fitness products.

Instagram user Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is making a killing as a fitness model, and it’s all thanks to her curvy body. Photos from her younger years show Jailyne’s beautiful body shape, but it’s definitely a lot different than what it looks like now. Many of her Instagram pictures have her boobs and butt on full display, and it’s hard not to notice that they appear to be surgically enhanced. But do you think her followers care? Not at all! Jailyne’s Instagram profile has over 5 million people who sit and patiently wait for her to upload her next sexy photo.

Which of these IG model’s transformation shocked you the most?