The people should be informed that the plopping some of their favorite fruits into water has not just delicious but, also healthy effects. According to “Aqua Blend,” the fruit-infused water is richer in nutrients, and the antioxidants, which helps rid your body of toxins. In addition, Audrey Johns of “Lose Weight by Eating” confirms that it, also helps the body recover better after a workout.

Having that in mind, everybody who is consuming caffeinated or sports drink should think about the benefits that fruit water can give you instead. The fruit-infused water is packed with antioxidants and nutrients and they are super low in calories. In addition, they are all natural. The hydrated body is a precondition for excellent health.

Benefits of fruit infused water are:

– Keeps you hydrated
– Improves your mood
– Helps you maintain a healthy weight
– Boosts metabolism
– Soothes stomach problems (citrus- and mint-infused water)
– Gives your body more energy through the vitamins
– Blooms toxins from your system
– Satisfies sweet tooth cravings
– Releases fat cells for water weight loss
– Fills you up
– Keeps your organs healthy when sweating
– Helps the food moving through your system
– Helps your recovery faster post-workout
– While you’re working out reduces muscle fatigue
– Keeps your energy up

Recipe ideas:

Cucumber citrus water
It will boost your metabolism, energize you, and even settle your stomach. Due to the benefits of lime, grapefruit, cucumber and fresh mint, this drink keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

For the full recipe, check out HERE


Apple cinnamon water
Combining apples and cinnamon in some nice, crisp cold water you can boost the metabolism. , so sip on all day will do your body a whole lot of good. According to Johns apples are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants and vitamins C and B, and they reduce your risk of developing hypertension, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Cinnamon, in other hand, is very effective in lowering cholesterol and fighting diabetes.

For the full recipe check out HERE

Strawberry, citrus, cinnamon water
It helps you to control cravings for sweets and keeps your complexion clear and nice. The lemon has the ability to aid digestion, while the cinnamon satisfies your cravings and manages your blood sugar levels. The strawberries are rich in skin-healthy properties like antioxidants and biotin.

For the full recipe, check out HERE

Blueberry orange water
Due to the containment of antioxidants and fiber, blueberries help to reduce your chances of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI). As the oranges are rich in citrus flavor they are so good in water. In addition, the oranges provide you with the vitamin C.

For the full recipe, check out HERE

Mango ginger water
Comparing to the other fruit water recipes, this one isn’t as widely popular, for no reason. However, it is well known that mango and ginger help in boosting your metabolism amazingly and have some many other healing properties.

Besides the fact that ginger is one of the most effective natural pain relievers, it also helps treat heartburn and reduces morning and motion sickness. According to Johns of Lose Weight by Eating mangoes boost memory, increase your sex drive and promote healthy digestion.
For the full recipe, check out HERE