Warmer weather and exposed legs is a perfect match.
For your legs to look and feel great you need a good and an effective legs workouts.

If you are short of time because of your everyday busy schedule, which prevents you from a good leg workout in , We have some great exercises for you, intended for those who want to do their legs workout at home under 10 minutes time.

This legs exercises were created in order not to overhaul your every day life activities . If you keep practicing them every day there is no doubt you will have your summer-ready and beautiful legs.

Strong legs mean benefit throughout your body as they are the foundation of it.
Right done exercises will mean strength legs , reducing the risk of injury to the muscles, exercised.

Your legs increased strength is an indication for better balance and a better athlete.

Your legs muscles are the biggest which means that when you work your legs out you are putting an enormous area of your body to work. It requires more energy and your heart works harder. For your body to go through this process calories need to be burned which means that your weight loss is guaranteed.

Good legs workout also make the lower back pain to be relieved and prevented. This provokes an increased flexibility which enables you move quickly and at the same time reduces the risk of spontaneous injury.

In order to get the most of this workouts you must make them consistently. This will allow your muscles to get use to the exercises so they won’t hurt . Stretching before and after the workout is obligatory for maximizing recovery and achieving your fitness goals.

These are three good leg workouts you can do in under 12 minutes without any equipment to get toned and feel better about yourself.

Rear Lunge:
60 seconds
Lean on to your front leg
When coming back down get your knee as close to the ground as possible
Try to balance your weight when you come down
Squeeze your butt

Lunge Pulse:
30 seconds
Lunge position
Bounce up and down
Stay low
And keep your torso straight

Rear Lunge (opposite side):
60 seconds
Same steps

Lunge Pulse (opposite side):
30 seconds
Same steps
Double Dip Squats:
One minute
Feet shoulder width apart
Deep squat, and do two pulses
Come back up and repeat

Static Squats:
30 seconds
Low squat position
Stay there
Squat pulses
30 seconds
Low squat position
Pulse up and down
Stay as low as possible

This leg exercise at home uses your hips, to remove love handles, and work your abs


Static Squat Torso Twists
60 seconds
Quarter squat
Rotate shoulder but keep hips and legs as still as possible
Working the obliques here
Move with some speed


Jumping Oblique Twists:
60 seconds
Twist: move hips and shoulders in opposite directions when you jump
Keep hand together and arms raised
Side Hip Raises
30 seconds on each side
Start on your elbow and knee
Move your hip up and down

Jumping Oblique Twists:
60 seconds
Same steps

Russian Twist:
60 seconds
In an up sit up position, sitting on your tail bone
Rotate your shoulders, as far you can
Keep arms in front of you and don’t use them to aid you.
Chest towards the ceiling

Jumping Oblique Twists:
Same steps
Reclined Oblique Twists
30 seconds on each side.
Sit on your bum, with your back 6 inches off the floor
Lift your leg and use your opposite arm to touch the outside of your foot
Use your other arm to stabilize you

Jumping Oblique Twists:
60 seconds
Same steps
A Good Leg Workout For Toned and Strong, Calves and Thighs.


Wide Squat with Feet Turned Out:
30 seconds
Feet should be wider and pointing out
Squat as normal

Squeeze glutes when you stand up straight
Tip-Toe Squat
30 seconds
Squat down as normal
But raise yourself on your tip-toes and squeeze your glutes

Alternating Side Lunges:
30 seconds
Lunge to the side
Get as low as you can

Lateral Leg Lifts:
30 seconds on each leg
Stand on one leg, with the other to the side and off the ground
Hands on hips
Then slowly raise and lower yourself

Bridge Pulses:
30 seconds
Back flat on the floor, use your abs to keep it there and legs shaped in a triangle
Lift your pelvis as high as possible then back down

Bridge Static Hold:
30 seconds
On just your shoulders and tip toes
Keep your pelvis up and hold
Remain straight

Modified Bridge:
30 seconds
Like the previous position
But move your knees side to side

Two Foot Calf Raises:
20 seconds
Stand up straight
Roll onto the balls of your feet
Then back down

Single Leg Squat:
30 seconds on each leg
Stand on one leg and stick the other leg out forward
Chest straight, and hands in front
Lower yourself on your leg as if your squatting

Wide Squat with Feet Raises:

30 seconds
Legs wide in a squat position
Get as low into as a squat as you can
Then lift yourself on the balls of your feet
Modified Wide Squat With Holds and Pulse
15 seconds
Hold the wide squat on your tip toes

15 seconds
Start to pulse on your tiptoes
Then hold for 5 seconds
Then pulse for 15 more
Get the maximum of your body by trying these workouts. You will not only feel but also look great. Not that they are just easy and quick but they can also be done anywhere.
These exercises can mean a START of a fantastic body through the rest of your, hope long lifet.