She took the stage wearing a skimpy outfit. When she starts moving? The judges lose it!



Watch it!

This 27-year-old mother named Emma Haslam,a mother of a 3-year-old took the stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ wearing her skimpy outfit. As soon as she introduced herself, The judges were quite surprised to see her wearing a skimpy outfit that’s why one of the judges, Simon Cowell can’t help but wonder what would a girl wearing a skimpy outfit do with a pole.

As she was about to claim the stage, everyone was surprised. This girl then transferred herself to a pole behind her and made breath taking stunts which left the judges open-mouthed!


“Pole fitness makes me confident with my body and I’m glad that ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ gave me a chance to show that pole fitness is for everyone, regardless of shape or size.” She said.

After her audition piece, the judges were left speechless and open-mouthed. Once the judges fully recover from the shock, they immediately gave all their yeses to her!