If You Have These Two Holes On The Back You Are Really Special! Here Is What It Says About You…


Venus holes! Have you ever heard about it? If not then just read about it. These are two holes on your back with makes you a really special person.

Have you observed your back just opposite to naval area? If not then there is a thing you can search for which are make you special. So, it is well said that if you have two holes on your back then you are a special person.

You definitely must be curious about what these holes tell you. Here are the details about what the holes in the back represent all about.

The two holes in the back are called as Venus holes. These are just small circles which are formed on the lower back area of women and men. In the case of men these holes are called as Apollo holes.


The location of these holes is such that it connects with the pelvis region. It is observed among people with genetic predisposition or appropriate size ligaments. It totally depends on your genetics and one cannot choose to have these holes or to avoid the presence of these holes.

Another question is what does these holes represent? It is a sign of good circulation in the body and represent a healthy body. The great circulation is one of the important prerequisite for easier to achieve orgasm.

The place where these Venus holes are located there is no muscle. So, it is impossible to create the Venus holes if you don’t have it by birth. But with the help of exercise, you can eliminate the excess fat and make the holes more visible.

The two holes do not have any functions as such, but they do look attractive on your  back. One can make it more beautiful by having a tattoo in this area. The two holes along with the tattoo will definitely make you look fabulous.