The 19-Minute Workout for Increased Stamina and Core Strength


Doing separate workouts for cardio and core strength sounds like a total time-suck to us. Instead, get two workouts for the price of one with this short circuit routine that’ll keep your heart rate elevated while you strengthen your midsection.

This workout includes 11 basic bodyweight exercises, which means you don’t need any equipment, and it only requires enough space to fit an exercise mat. This one is not about hammering out moves as fast as possible. [Insert prayer emoji.] Although you’ll keep your heart rate up, it’s about focusing on your form and getting the most out of every repetition. Hit play to get started.


To recap: An exercise mat is optional. Perform each move for about 30 seconds. Don’t rest between each exercise.

Jumping Jack
Traveling Push-Up
High Knees With a Twist
Plank With Knee Tuck
Greek Shuffle
Squat With Side Kick
Bicycle Crunch
Seal Plank